Multichannel Selling has never been easier

Listing items on multiple sales channels brings cost and complexity. We simplify the pipeline on multiple channels, advertising, customer service, returns, inventory management, synchronization and more.

MAP Pricing

Not only do we follow recommended MAP pricing, but we can report MAP violations of other sellers to protect your brand and make sure your product and market does not get devalued.


Market Expansion

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About Bazitec

Bazitec has been building market equity for brands, manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and wholesalers for many years.

We have been providing expert custom programming since the 90’s and have been professional marketplace sellers for over a decade. We market on Amazon, Google, Facebook and other social media so products get the reach they deserve. We know both what it takes to be successful and how to automate it.  

Helping businesses Large or small

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Interested in joining us? Contact us and we will schedule time to look at your products and services to figure out the next steps.

How long does it takes for us to get back to you?

Typical response will take one to two business days.

What information should I include?

Please include any additional offers or programs you may have including tiered discounts, free freight allowance, order MOQ, and if MAP is enforced on any or all products.

What are the typical next steps?

We will typically ask you to submit a csv or excel catalog file and price list to evaluate how to best help your brand(s) grow online. File should include (UPC, ASIN, Product Code, Brand, Model, Wholesale Price, MSRP, MAP, Inventory, Quantity, Ship Weight & Dimentions)